In Praise of Division

To the complaint that “the politicians are dividing the country,” it must be asked what is it that you think you have assembled together? 

It is right and good that the exploited not be lured into the belief that they are united with their exploiters. 

It is right and good that the prisoner not salute the same flag pinned to her captor’s lapel. 

At what point was the space undivided? At what moment did the worked have common cause with the supervisor? 

The country is the bosses’ invention. The house the dog is trained to defend while tied to a tree. Without the country all bosses would be invaders. 

Division is what kept the enslaved merely the temporarily captured — the enslaved rather than the slaves. Those who retained the ability to see the master’s house over there, rather than looked at their bodies and thought of them as of the plantation. Emancipation would be a release, not a deeper linking.

John in Syracuse does not know Patrick in Milwaukee. John works for a company that drone-strikes Patrick’s extended family. They can be united as long as they don’t know each other. John has Patrick’s family on the sole of his shoe. This is no basis for camaraderie. 

There was never one hour of unity here. Just a man sitting on a plow at a closed gate. 

It is important to be divided from those who have your annihilation at heart.

This is in praise of the ones who cannot be herded.