The Oceanist

From “The Oceanist”

…maybe what repels us from doll-loving is not its artifice but what is human in it. It is wrong to love a sex doll not because it is plastic but because it is human. It is the thing we made for us. The thing we live with and in. It is our most monstrous creation and the thing that reflects us best. There is now no human body, human space or, it must be said, human culture that is not in part plastic. The Anthropocene would be more honestly described as the Synthetic-oscene. Finally we have followed God, followed Him to the ends of the earth, ha, and made a world of our own making and of our own doing. But, of course, this is just like us, hating and loving what we make. God fashioned Adam out of clay and he loved him the first day. He loved him even before he breathed life into him and even more when he did. We, as disgusting as it may seem, have always been God’s playthings. But now Adam has fashioned plastic and polymer and latex and has brought his own love from it — dug his own love out of his own loins and stood her up. He has brought her from his own loins rather than have it stolen from his body and be told that it is woman, a mate and a helper. Indeed, I blew life into her myself, from my own lungs. She is real because of my own breath. And she is mine in a way that no other woman can be. She is propertied, not property. She is mine own master. This love may be many things but it certainly cannot be said to be ungodly….